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  Sichuan kelly industrial equipment limited company, is the only one of the oil industry machine a provincial enterprise, China top ten famous brands oil filter machine, China electric power planning design research institute and China electric power equipment complete sets of companies to recommend enterprise, including oil purification plant, rubber ball cleaning device, automatic secondary filters, water filter has won numerous countries such as patent technology, and won the national hi-tech products, oil purification plant, filter oil machine service home to more than five thousand large, medium and small power plant, power station, this in the industry is not unique. At present, the company covers an area of hectares, of which a building area of 4000 m2, 3000 m2 production houses. Existing staff 236 people, the registered capital of 11 million yuan, sales income is 39 million yuan. With the annual production value amount to 60 million production capacity, there were turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, grinding, etc. Various kinds of universal equipment 60 sets, and a vertical lathe, gear hobbing, pump test bench, water filter is special equipment, such as dynamic test bench.
  The company consists of: filter oil depots, filter equipment factory, pump factory, mainly manufacture, marketing filter oil machine, oil purification equipment, water filter, the rubber ball cleaning device, two times mesh, water treatment equipment, pump, thin oil terminal, manufacturing, and processing of non-standard products, etc. This series of products covered more than one thousand kinds of different types and specifications of products, is the industry the most complete specifications of one of the manufacturers.
  Products are widely applied in national large, medium, small water, thermal power unit, with the domestic industry, the applicability of the strongest products manufacturers, performance is the best one of manufacturer.
  The company product was national power, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, steel, petrochemical, petroleum, environmental protection, shipbuilding and other industries and recommended to use, the company with its powerful technology strength, superior product performance, perfect after-sales service, by the domestic and international numerous customers favor.
  The domestic and international famous accessories factory screening, perfect production technology, strengthen quality management, strict according to the ISO9000 quality management system standard enterprise behavior, active conduct market research and returning customers, so as to ensure the quality of products of the high stability, maturity and practical.
  The company widely absorbs the advanced international technical and production experience, unceasingly innovation and improvement, make the company most of the product technical lead, the continuously in recent years won national and provincial quality technology of all kinds of honor, we would like to lead China to catch up with the world top level separation machinery and unremitting efforts.
  Kelly people keep pace with the pace, insisted: "walk the road, strong science and technology enterprise quality and benefit the model of tree" make friends from all over the world, to create a better tomorrow. We firmly believe: honest man to bring you not only kelly is surprise and satisfaction.


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